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Heavy Duty slip-slip bulkheads come with rubber gromet and hex tightening nut.  Ideal  for drainage and return pump applications.
3/4" slip-slip  $8.99
1/2" slip-slip  $5.99
1"  slip-slip  $10.99
3/4"   Spout   $8.99
1"  Spout  $10.99
Modular Pipe Links
Directional Return Spouts
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Under construction
Hose Valves
Barbed Aquatic Ball Valves for regulating water flow through standard hose used for devices such as canister filters, pump return lines, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, etc. Hose slips onto barbed end for secure fit.
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Barbed Fittings
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Check Valves
1 inch       $34.99
1.5 inch     $38.99
Clear PVC Flap Check Valves
Under construction
Under construction
Under construction
Hose Clamps
1/2"   6/pk    $7.49
3/4"  6/pk     $7.99
  1"   6/pk     $8.99
Hose Clamps for securing  hose for low-pressure aquarium devices
Intake Screens
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