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Coralline Colored Epoxy Putty
Coralline colored Epoxy blends in with Live Rock for a more natural look.   2oz. Stick.
Regular Price .2oz Stick $11.99
Buy NOW  $9.99
Reef Glue - CLEAR

Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue is a thick cyanoacrylate super glue. Comes in a 2oz. squeeze bottle with a closing cap.
2oz $10.99
Reef Glue - Coralline COLORED

A thick cyanoacrylate super glue  that dries as coralline color.  Comes in a 2oz. squeeze bottle with a closing cap.
Regular Price  2oz  $14.50
Buy NOW $11.79
Reef Glue Debonder
Reef Glue Debonder is used to dissolve cyanoacrylate glue that has ended up in unwanted places such as on top of a coral, or your fingers. No acetone or other caustic chemicals - can be used to remove super glue stuck to skin.  Comes in a 1oz squeeze bottle.
1oz   $6.99
Reef Glue Accelerator
Reef Glue Accelerator works  with Reef Glue, and causes the  glue to cure almost instantly. Will not harm corals and allows you to keep your coral frags out of the water for the minimum amount of time.  Comes in a 2oz pump spray bottle with a free Pipette.
2oz   $9.99
Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue Gel 20g Tube
A thick cyanoacrylate gel designed to bond soft and hard coral to a base
such as Reef Disks, Plugs, and Live Rock.  
Regular Price20g  $12.99
Buy NOW  $11.79