The Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizer 9W,24W, replacement bulbs
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The Green Killing Machine - Internal UV
Makes fighting green water easier.
    UV radiation is effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, molds, and other pathogens, in turn controlling algae growth. Water flows in direct contact with the UV lamp, intensifying its function of fighting green water. In addition, it can be hidden behind ornaments in your aquarium, cutting back on tubing around your tank.

The GREEN KILLING MACHINE uses AA's unique " direct bulb contact " technology for super-high efficiency.  Water enters the chamber through the filtration sponge and zig-zags throughout the chamber for maximum efficiency. 

Water Pump is included

  • Simple 1-2-3 installation
  • Submersible assembly
  • No external pipes or plumbing
  • Suction cup mounting - no hardware required
  • LED signals need for UV Bulb replacement
  • Electrically ChildSafe 12V low voltage design
  • UV Sterilizers are UL Listed.
  • Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time
  • Unique Patent Pending Technology

There are three models to chose from
  • 9W UV (uses a 44gph pump, included) is good for up to a 50 gallon aquarium.
  • 24W UV (uses a 98gph pump, included) is rated for aquariums up to 100 gallons.
  • 9W internal UV air bubbler is rated for aquariums up to 20 gallons.
Works better than systems costing 3 times more ! 

    This is an internal UV Sterilizer that needs to be placed inside the aquarium or a sump.  This UV Sterilizer includes a filtration pump.  Diagram on the left displays typical placement of the UV inside the aquarium.  There is a junction box that rests outside the aquarium.  This is where all the cords connect then run to a 120V outlet.
24W UV: $89.99
9W UV: $59.99
Replacement UV Lamps
9W: $26.99
24W: $39.99
UV Sterilizer Units
    Having perfectly clear water has never been so easy! 

AA's AIR UV Sterilizer is specially designed to remove green water problems in freshwater tanks (especially for goldfish and Koi) using your existing air pump to move water over the surface of an enclosed UV lamp.

   No pipes – no pumps – no problem! AA's innovative design doesn't use a quartz sleeve, allowing water to directly contact the UV lamp making it extremely effective.

  • Compatible with any air pump (not included)
  • 1-2-3 installation:
         1)   Connect air tube to the sterilizer
          2)   Suction cup it to tank and
          3)   Connect Plugs &  Operate.
  • No need for external pipes or plumbing.
  • Submersible assembly.
  • LED indicator signals need for UV bulb replacement. Bulbs are available separately.
  • Super compact design. Fits in all tanks. Easy to hide behind ornaments and plants.
  • 12V Electrically Child Safe; low voltage design.
  • Perfect for tanks up to 80L (20 Ga).
9W Air UV Sterilizer $59.99
9W Air UV Replacement Bulb: $23.99
9W Internal UV Air Bubbler
Dimensions of Air UV
2"W x 8"H x 1.25"Thick
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